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Adventure It Up is an upcoming episode of Shake it Up: The Future is NOW.


The Shake it Up gang start there adventure to find Big Time Rush.


While the Shake it Up gang is about to leave the Lab Rats gang stops them. They tell them about Marcus and how evil he is. Meanwhil, Marcus is in Pasadena, California where he arrives to the Jennings household where he walks in to Tyler and Karl arguing about how weird Karl is. Marcus yells "Hey!" It gets silent Marcus says "Hello brother" and Karl replies "What are you doing here?". Then smiles. Tyler asks "Who is this?". Then Stan walks in. Marcus asks Carl "Is this the talking dog you were telling me about?" Karl smiles and says "Yes, yes it is". Tyler scared at the point calls Avery but before he can finish what he is saying Marcus shoots him with his lightning fingers which blast Tyler into the wall which then knocks him unconscious. Marcus then tells Karl to take the dog with them lets go, Karl confused asked "Go where?". Marcus said you'll see sooner or later the leaves with Karl and Stan while Tyler is unconscious on the floor. Then we return back to Chicago where the Shake it Up and Lab rats team are after everyone is caught up the Shake it Up gang asks is the Lab rats if they wanna join then they say yes and the group is off on there mission to who knows where.


  • This is part 2 of 13 of the multinetwork crossover.
  • It is revealed Marcus and Karl are brothers and that Karl secretly message Marcus and that he know about Stan's secret.

Featured ShowsEdit

  • Shake it Up (full cast)
  • Lab Rats (full cast and Marcus)
  • Dog with a Blog (Karl, Stan and Tyler)