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CeCe and Logan got married in 2021, after dating throughout all four years of college, and three years after college. Seven years in total. They've been married for fourteen years and make a great couple.


CeCe said Logan have on son named L.J, who is named after his father. (Logan Jr.). L.J looks exactly like his uncle Flynn, and acts very much like him.

Tynka Edit

Ty and Tinka dated one time at 2010. After, that date they felt for each other but they hide it. They got married at 2022 and they got 3 kids, one girl Samantha and two boys Dustin and T. J.

Deucina Edit

Deuce and Dina were together since 8th grade.They got married in 2016 and they got 7 kids, three girls, Erica, Kathrin and Monica and 4 boys, Lucas, Fernardo, Facundo and Luke

Rogan Edit


Rocky and Logan got married in 2016 and are a great married couple and they got engadged in 2014. Rocky was super excited for her wedding and so was Logan they now have a house next to Gunther and CeCe's.


Rocky and Logan have a baby girl called Alexis.

Runther Edit


Rocky and Gunther were together since 2012. In 2016, Gunther proposed to Rocky and she accepted. Now, they have 2 kids, one boy named Jimmy and a girl named Mary.

GeCe Edit


CeCe got married to Gunther on the same day as Rocky since they both joint their weddings together.


CeCe has 4 children; 2 boys called Justin and David and 2 girls called Jessica and Sirena.



After Deuce and Dina broke up for good Deuce fell in love with Rocky. Shortly after they got married and now have 2 kids, Troy and Bailey and they are living happily ever after.

Cy Edit


CeCe and Ty married on 2020 and they got triplets. They have 2 daughters, Mary and Jessica and a son, T.J. (Tyler Junior)

Dece Edit


CeCe failed for Deuce in 2011. Since, Deuce was with Dina she couldn't express her feelings. But after they broke-up, CeCe and Deuce kissed. Now, they have 6 kids and they are happy.

Friendships Edit

Rece Edit

CeCe and Rocky have been best friends since 5 years old. They got lost in touch for 3 years. But, in 2033 they reunite and they became BFFs again.

Fogan Edit

Flynn and Logan meet up in 2013 and they became BFFs soon. Flynn was the guy who convinced his mom to let Logan marry CeCe because she was only 21.

Gunka Edit

Gunther and Tinka Hessenheffer were twins. Since they were rude to the others and anyone liked them, they were best friends too.


Ty and Deuce were met at 2003 and they became best friends. After they both married they bought a house next to each other.