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Season: 2
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Dance It Up is the 8th episode of Season 2 of Shake it Up: The Future is NOW.


While in Miami, the gang takes a break and get another dancing gig. There they meet Austin and Ally and they understand that they will have fun.


While they look at the cloud lightning flashes appear and now they are in a mall. Rocky notices a girl writing in her book then walks up to her and asks her where they are. She says they are in Miami and tells them her name, "My name is Ally". Then CeCe squeals and says, "You're Ally Dawson". Then Ally says, "That's my name don't wear it out.". Then Austin walks in someone screams, "Aah". Then Deuce runs and says, "You're Austin Moon". Austin creeped out walks strait to Ally and asks "What's going on?". Ten sees CeCe, Rocky and Ty and says, "OMG you guys are from Shake it Up, Chicago!".