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Love it up is the 13th episode of Shake it Up: The Future is NOW.


Rocky is jealous of Cece and Tinka because they have boyfriends but she realizes soon that she must find a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Logan says to Flynn that he has feelings for Rocky. Then, Gunther and Ty listen to that and they tell him to ask her out. Deuce and Dina are shocked when they realize that their lockers are broken. In the end, they find that the open-locker is Tinka who wanted to buy an expensive ticket for Beyonce's concert and Deuce didn't give it to her. Also, Logan askes Rocky out when she happily accept and become a couple.


Main CastEdit

  • Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones
  • Zendaya as Rocky Blue
  • Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenheffer
  • Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue
  • Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenheffer
  • Leo Howard as Logan Hunter
  • Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones
  • Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez
  • Aishley Bailey as Dina Garcia


  • Now the couples GeCe, Tynka and Rogan are complete.