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Marvin It Up is the 6th episode of Season 2 of Shake it Up: The Future is NOW.


While on their quest, the gang gets an unexpected visit from Marvin Marvin.


While on their quest the entire gang gets an unexpected visitor. Marvin Marvin is out to attack the gang even though he is a good guy. The Lab Rats make the first attack; Chase blast a plasma grenade, Adam fires his heat vision and Bree make a whirlpool. Marvin showing unexpected strength and power deflects them all which takes down. The Lab Rats then Leo and Donald fire laser guns at Marvin he absorbs them and knocks the both down. Then Flynn tries to attack but then gets blasted with heat vision. Angered, Ty, Deuce and Gunther take weapons from the blasted Leo and Donald get CeCe, Rocky and TInka and tell them to go behind them while they blast Marvin. Logan also helps and gets a laser device and knocks Marvin unconscious. While they celebrate a mysterious flash then a big explosion which makes them all fall down then all you see is Marcus doing his eyebrow thing. He starts talking and telling them that there quest is useless then takes Marvin and leaves. Then everyone gets up and looks up at the sky and see a Marcus shaped cloud looking at them.

Featured ShowsEdit

  • Shake it Up (full cast)
  • Lab Rats (full cast and Marcus)
  • Marvin Marvin (Marvin)