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Old Memories It Up is the 4th episode of season 2 of Shake it Up: The Future is NOW.

Plot Edit

The gang all hang out at Cece's apartment and they share the good old memories.

Summary Edit

The gang all go to CeCe's place and have nothing to do, Rocky suggests they share some old memories and everyone else agreed and they started to all share some memories that they never shared before and some crazy adventures they went on.

Rocky tells a memory at the museum, CeCe tells everyone a memory at the mall, Deuce and Ty tell them about the dough turning into a monster once and Gunther and Tinka tell them a memory at the Old Country. Logan also tells them a story about his mother. Lastly Dina tells them about her crazy day at the salon that she went with Tinka to.

Main Cast Edit


Recurring Edit

  • Leo Howard as Logan Hunter
  • Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia


  • Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones